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CMOSludge Sunn Beta Lead Distortion Preamp

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S&K pedals has taken a preamp channel directly from the Sunn Beta Lead amplifier, pedalized it and powered it with a pedal board friendly 9v supply. Controls include: Level, Treble, Mid, Bass and Drive.

The CMOSludge can be run one of three ways.
1) into the front end of your amplifier like a typical distortion pedal
2) into the series effects loop return, bypassing the preamp
3) into a power amp or slave amp (i.e. a sunn concert slave)

Standard components include Wima film and Nichicon electrolytic Capacitors, Xircon metal film resistors, alpha potentiometers and Neutrik jacks. All housed in a Hammond 1590BB enclosure with acid etched graphics.

Standard center-negative power supply, accepts 9V. CONNECTING A VOLTAGE HIGHER THAN 9vDC OR ANY AC VOLTAGE WILL VOID THE WARRANTY.