Zodiacal Glow Parallel Path Filtered Delay


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The SNKpedals Zodiacal Glow is a PT-2399 based dual digital delay with tap tempo. The repeats of each signal are filtered by a state variable filter that can be set to Hi pass, Band pass, Low pass or Hi and Low pass. The center frequency of each filter can be fine tuned.


FDBK - controls the feedback of the delayed signal. Repeats increase with clockwise rotation.

DELAY - controls the level of the delayed signal. Repeats increase with clockwise rotation. Clean signal remains unaffected.

TIME- controls the interval between repeats up to 600ms. The interval increases with clockwise rotation.

FREQ - controls the center frequency of the filter. Counter-clockwise rotation will lower the frequency and clockwise rotation will raise the frequency.

FILTER - switches between filter modes. Rotating the switch clockwise filter modes are Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass, Low and High pass together.

FOOTSWITCH A and B- short taps will trigger the tap tempo for corresponding delay channel. Tempo is indicated by the rate of the blinking LED above the switch. A long hold will activate or mute the corresponding delay channel. A green LED indicates that the delay channel is active and a red LED indicates the delay channel is muted. Holding the switch while channel is active will toggle to mute. Holding the switch while the channel is muted will toggle to active. Both channels can be activated simultaneously allowing the delay sounds to be layered onto each other in parallel. If one channel is active and one muted, holding the switch of the active channel will toggle that channel mute and the other channel active.

BYPASS - This will toggle the effect on and off. A short tap with release will operate like a typical latching bypass. Press and hold will activate a momentary bypass that will reverse when the switch is released. If the effect is engaged it will momentarily bypass. If the effect is disengaged it will momentarily activate. The two LEDs above the bypass switch will be on when the effect is engaged

MODULATION *Secret Mode* - Press and HOLD the channel footswitch and the bypass footswitch simultaneously and the pedal will enter modulation adjust mode. Rotate the TIME control clockwise to increase the modulation depth for that delay channel. Full counter-clockwise will turn off the modulation. Once the two footswitches are released the pedal will exit modulation adjust mode.

LIMIT A/LIMIT B - Dip switched located inside the enclosure on the pcb. By default they are set to LIMIT. This setting will cause the repeats to clip at high feedback or delay level settings. With the right settings, self oscillation settings are possibly with the LIMIT engaged.

All housed in a powder coated Hammond 1590XX enclosure with UV printed graphics.

Standard center-negative power supply, accepts 9V. CONNECTING A VOLTAGE HIGHER THAN 9vDC OR ANY AC VOLTAGE WILL VOID THE WARRANTY. 150mA minimum current is required.