VH-Pre Studio Preamp

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SNK pedals has taken preamp directly from the incredibly popular VH300
(based on the VH-140c) and pedalized it. This includes the clean and dirty channels, effects loop, presence and resonance controls.

The VH-Pre can be run one of four ways.
1) Directly into your recording DAW to feed your favorite cabinet IR. This is the primary intention for this pedal.
2) Into the front end of your amplifier an supplemental preamp pedal
3) Into the series effects loop return, bypassing the preamp
4) Into a power amp or slave amp (i.e. a sunn concert slave)

All housed in a textured white powder coated 1590XX enclosure with UV printed graphics.

Standard center-negative power supply, accepts 9V and requires 100mA of current. CONNECTING A VOLTAGE HIGHER THAN 9vDC OR ANY AC VOLTAGE WILL VOID THE WARRANTY.