Terms and Conditions ** Please read BEFORE purchasing **

SNKPedals is a one man(and his kid) operation  based in Northern New Jersey producing hand made effect pedals and amplifiers in limited batches, one unit at a time.By purchasing from us, you accept these terms and conditions in their entirety.

We cannot offer refunds under any circumstances. 
The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes during production at the manufacturer's discretion.

Every SNKPedal has a non-transferable limited ifetime warranty for the original owner (a copy of your original invoice or proof of purchase is required). Modifications of any kind, or performing self-repair (unless directed), will immediately void the warranty.

All unit are tested rigorously both electrically and by play testing to ensure proper sound quality. After testing, pedals are placed in a linen bag and then placed in a 200lb crush test box which is then placed in a padded mailer for shipping. Amplifiers are packed in a specially designed foam carrier and shipped in appropriately sized cardboard boxes. Because of this, unless the packaging is significantly damaged in shipping, the customer is liable for shipping costs to return the unit for repair, including units recieved DOA. 

Items covered by the warranty: footswitch, led, 1/4" jacks, dc jack, ac jacks, internal pcb assembly, pots

Items NOT covered by the warranty: enclosure, powder coating, graphics, knobs, screws, any damage as a result of over or incorrect voltage.

All pedals accept a standard 9V DC center-negative power supply. CONNECTING A VOLTAGE HIGHER THAN 9.6V DC OR ANY AC VOLTAGE WILL VOID THE WARRANTY. Over voltage and incorrect voltage will damage PCB mounted components, specific to the design of the circuit that can be tested to confirm an over/incorrect voltage situation.

Warranty Repairs: contact SNKpedals at [email protected] for a shipping address. The customer is liable for shipping costs to SNKPedals.

OUT of Warranty and second hand Repairs: contact SNKpedals at [email protected] for a shipping address. The customer is liable for shipping costs to and from SNKPedals. Repairs will be completed at a rate of $25/hour. 

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE. SNKPedals is not responsible for customs fees outside of the US. Shipping rates for international customers are subject to change without notice based on the prices given by the United States Postal Service. Packages will ship International priority ONLY.

In the event your pedal was damaged in transit: 
1. If it is within reason to repair (and the enclosure is not visibly damaged), please send the pedal back and it will be repaired at no cost. The customer is liable for all shipping costs. 
2. If it is beyond repair, a claim will be filed with the shipping service and the pedal will be replaced (if possible) once the damaged unit has been returned. 
3. If it is lost in shipping, the customer will file a claim with the shipping service and the unit will be replaced(if possible) once the claim is settled in your favor. 
4. If a unit is damaged due to the use of an incorrect voltage or self modification, the warranty will be void and the customer will be liable for both the repair costs(to be assessed) and all shipping costs.