SNK Amp Mods Ampeg V4 Filter Cap PCB set


***Note: This project is intended for experienced DIY hobbyist, or better yet, an experienced amplifier technician. Read through all instructions before proceeding to decide the best course of action. No direct technical support will be available from SNKpedals.***

Reliable direct replacement multi-section can capacitors for the Ampeg V4 are difficult to source and unreliable in their function. These boards are designed to allow the replacement of the multi-section caps with modern high quality, low ESR, discrete snap mount capacitors.

The board standoff mounts are laid out to coincide with the placement of the original filter capacitor rivets and the large chassis openings will be plugged with spec'd chassis plugs.

This PCB set will include a full set of instructions and a shopping list with parts chosen specifically to allow for a successful filter cap replacement in a vintage Ampeg V4 or V4B. Note, these boards are not compatible with the Distortion Model V4 or the new production V4B.
The instructions will be emailed to the address used to place the order.