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Presonance allows the user to add Presence and Resonance controls to an amplifier that doesn't have these controls available. While it will work in front of an amps input, it is best used in a series effects loop.

Additionally, Presonance can be placed this after any preamp pedal (like the VHD) to add additional tonal variation to those circuits.

Controls are level controls for both Presence and Resonance and each has a toggle to turn off the effect of each control individually. Footswitch is true bypass.

9v dc power is internally converted to 18v for increased headroom.

All housed in a Black Textured powder coated 125B enclosure with UV printed graphics.

Standard center-negative power supply, accepts 9V and requires 100mA of current. CONNECTING A VOLTAGE HIGHER THAN 9vDC OR ANY AC VOLTAGE WILL VOID THE WARRANTY.